Parish Plan

What is a Parish Plan? - It is a way of finding out what you think about the Parish, identifying ways of improving it and drafting a way forward.

How was it Produced? - Through collecting the views of as many parishioners as possible, including the use of the questionnaires and 'open sessions' in the Village Hall.

Reference Documents

How was the work Funded? - The Parish Council contributed £100 and received a grant of £1,220 from Dorset County Council towards the cost of producing the Parish Plan. The bulk of the work was carried out by volunteers from the Parish at no cost to the project. The breakdown on expenditure is shown within the reference documents above.
Sutton Waldron Parish Plan 2010

Parish Plan - The Parish Plan has now been delivered to all households in the Parish. Updates on progress on the action plan will be provided at future Parish Council meetings and via the Sutton's Seasons newsletter.

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